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Who’s watching?

The availability of economical digital cameras which can be connected to your PC gives the opportunity for home security as we have never had before.

Here are a couple of links as examples



Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th March 2015

Our own Russell Twining will demonstrate how easy it can be to set up your own security using IP cameras and other hardware and programs.

This won’t be too technical, it will be pitched so that we can all understand how easily it can be to keep an eye on our properties, plus we will be able to help each other out with challenges.

Come along and share your knowledge. Remember our principle “Nobody knows everything but everybody knows something.”

We look forward to catching up again and sharing the joys and triumphs of taming our computers.



Who are we?

We are a senior- and beginner- friendly group of computer users, not geeks or gurus, who would like to help you get more out of your  personal computer or tablet. We offer meetings, newsletters, this website, support, friendship and more.


Meetings are held in the G A Wood Hall behind Scots Memorial Church,
29 Bathurst Street, Hobart, unless otherwise advertised.

Our usual meeting time is 8.00 pm on the second Tuesday of the month.

We currently meet monthly except in January.

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Helen Gay says:

    Would love to come along to meeting tomorrow night if i may~ am i able to join on the night? I am a 58 year old not completely computer savvy ~ need to know more abt my tablet and have a windows8 laptop which i am struggling with!


  2. Martin Baker says:

    Hi I am interested in coming along to one of your meets soon. I am trying to put together a multi purpose computer system in my car to print out invoices, use as crash cam/security cam and media centre. I have some old laptops and raspberry Pi and was thinking of using one or both. I’m new to computers so the group would be a big help.


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